Saturday, 27 April 2013

Young Artists


Today we had our first exhibition. It was absolutely brilliant! We loved the whole atmosphere and of course the art work. The talent in this town is amazing. All the artists are aged between 12 and 20, and it is unbelievable. For some artists it was their first exhibition- when they are famous for their art, everyone will know that Teen Art Exhibitions was the starting point for them! Anyway enough talking, take a look for yourself. look at a slideshow of the artwork as well!

Sarah Prendergast.

No, you are not imagining things, this really is a drawing.

Liam O'Leary.

Amanda Goldberga.

Her talent makes me cry.

Geena Godley.

This was made when Geena was 7........

Helen Dowling.

Jane Carmody.

Fatima Tariq.

Grainne McCarthy- Photography.

Grainne is great at taking photos and is open for business- email her at

Caoimhe Dowling- headpieces.

Caoimhe Dowling also is open for business, selling kits to make your own headpieces!

Jane Carmody with her paintings.

Helen Dowling with her work!

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  1. Oh! Wow! My eyes are popping out. I have never seen such a talented person in my life. You must definitely organize an exhibition in one of the venue New York. I want them to look very closely because some of them look surprisingly unreal. Hats off to you, I am shook with the talent!