Saturday, 6 April 2013

My sketches.

Hello! I thought it was time that we put up some of our art on this blog. I love drawing animals and I got most of the images from zoology books or expedition books.

The writing says 'The Rhino's great misfortune is that it carries a fortune on its nose'- quote by Stephen Fry in the book 'Last Chance to See' by Mark Carwardine. If you are a lover of wild animals and the whole wildlife then I strongly suggest you read them.


I loved this image when I saw it in the book- the chimp is nibbling on the authors thumb- so cute!

Lions are fast becoming my second favourite animals in the world- after penguins of course!

This is a Baboon either yawning or roaring- I couldn't tell from the photo.

I did this about a year ago, about the only drawing that I have done in colour.

So, anyway those are some of my drawings. I am not brave enough to attempt them in colouring pencils or paint, but I will eventually get there. I hope you like them. Now all I have to do is convince Czara to upload some her amazing drawings........................


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  1. nice~ your good at drawing animals! sometimes I wish I could draw someone like you~ nice blog by the way~