Sunday, 21 April 2013

Concept Art

Concept Art is a form of illustration where a visual representation of a design, idea and/or mood is conveyed to use in video games, movies, comic books and animation. Basically it is a form of art where you translate the written word into visual art, or creating something that does not exist ( like the ones by Park Jong Won). For example, in the Harry Potter movies a lot of concept art was used with all the different creatures that are in the book. J.K Rowling had described them, and concept artists used the description to design a visual of the creature, a place or really anything, based on the words of the book. It sounds complicated but it is extremely fun! We did concept art in art class. We took a book and made a mask of a character in the book. I did a Grindylow from the Harry Potter books. I really enjoyed it because I finally got to visualise a character from my favourite book- the way I imagined it. It is mostly used in science fiction and fantasy, where artists are used to create a new world, or non existing creatures. The most famous example would be 'Avatar'.

Here are some Concept artists.

Park Jong Won.

He is based in Seoul, South Korea, where he works in the video game industry. He has created concept art for games like 'Aion', 'Steel Dog' and '4Story Online'.

You can see the designs made in the last one. There is a large process of work to do when doing concept because everything has to be thought of.

Stephanie Olesh.

I particularly like Stephanie Olesh's work. She makes concept art for video games and animation- both creatures and characters.

I am particularly fond of concept art. I f I were to pursue a career in art I would do concept art. There are many places where you can study concept art - visit for more information on concept art  and on being a concept artist.


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