Thursday, 28 March 2013

More local artwork!

Here are some more artwork from the IT expo- I think you'll agree that Tralee is certainly booming with young talent!

More of our masks!
We did these masks as part of Love Literature week- we incorporated Literature with Art, something that is often done for animations and movies. The written word is translated into a visual object. We all did a character from a book that we liked.
This is the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The artist is Helen Dowling. I don't know how she did it, but she did.

This one is mine. It's a Grindylow and if you're saying 'who?' then you haven't read the Harry Potter books enough times!

This character is from the ever popular book, now being turned into a movie, 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. It's Hazel Grace, and the artist is Aisling Leen!

This mask was made by Rachel Buckley. It's a mask of the main character in 'A Girl Called Blue', called Blue.( I am aware that that was a weird sentence!)

This mask at first sight looks evil! And it should be as it is non other that Cruella De Vil! The artists is Shelley Hynes, well done Shelley!!

Believe it or not this is actually a drawing! I don't know who made this, but whoever you are, you seriously have some talent!

This is one way of recycling! It's a great sculpture and a good way of recycling- I wonder how many more household products can be made from recycled materials? Definitely something to think about!

More Mosaics!
This mosaic was done by the same person that made the other mosaic that I posted. Mosaic can definitely jazz up any old thing lying around- like this old school table!

So you have seen many more examples of art in Tralee. If you are the owner/maker of any of these PLEASE contact us as we would love to have you in our exhibition!!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Stop Motion Animation

Recently in Art class we began stop motion animation. Stop Motion animation is an art form that requires patience and determination. Anyone can do it, but it must be thought through very clearly step by step, other wise you will find that when you start filming you will have to go back to the drawing board. One piece of advice when it comes to stop motion animation- the drawing board CANNOT be avoided!

Here are some stop motion animations that I loved and envied.

This is called 'Gulp'- the worlds largest stop motion animation set, shot on a Nokia N8! If you look at the behind the scenes you can see how high the camera actually was!!- for behind the scenes!!

This Graffiti Stop Motion  is brilliant! I just can't imagine the AMOUNT of time that went into this animation!

I suggest going onto you can find amazing stop motion animation there, and I would also suggest looking at Land Art motion animation. They are great!!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Sticky Note Art

Hey everybody!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in so long, I was in Dublin!

Today I want to talk about a form of art you may not have heard of - sticky note art.
Sticky-note art is simply the joining of sticky notes to form, what looks like from afar - a pixelated image. The great thing about this type of art is that it's so simple and the only supplies you need are sticky notes and a space to put them.

Here are some of my favourite examples:

So, what are you waiting for? If you have some spare post-it notes, why not experiment?!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Our first exhibition!

Well the time has finally come! Our first exhibition will be held on the 27th of April in St.John's Center from 10 am to 12.30 pm! We really want to display some of the work of Tralee's budding young artists! I know that there is talent out there because I saw it in the exhibition yesterday! So please don't miss this opportunity to display your work! email us at

We accept all forms of art- paintings, drawings, photography, prints, sculptures, you name it!

So we will be waiting for your e- mail!


Friday, 22 March 2013

The IT Expo!

Well today some of the fourth years went to an exhibition at the IT and it was amazing! The work was brilliant! I took some photos and I saw something that I wrote about in an earlier post!!

Remember my post about the mosaic in the museum? I didn't think that people did mosaics anymore but I was proved wrong!! One of the teachers in a school got an old school table and made this mosaic. I think it's beautiful.

Now this one struck me. You may not notice but it is actually made from cardboard!

Some of our masks!

This mask was made by Rachel O'Mahony, and guess who it is? Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games! I think it is unbelievably good, and can you believe that she never did art for the Junior Cert? 

The beautiful Debbie O'Sullivan made this mask of Snow White!! 
Now this mask I think is great as well! It was made by Sandra Lynch, another girl who recently took up art! Can you believe the talent? It is an interesting interpretation of the Cheshire Cat!

2nd Year work!

These were made by second years. They are amazing forms of abstract art- they are so eye catching! The colour used and the form of them are jaw dropping!

Some work from other schools!

Great tones in this one.

These ones were made by students from Dingle! I thought they were just perfect! One of the artists is 13! She did the one with the Key.  Some were made with paint and some with pastels. They show the brilliant ability by young artists to use colour, line and tones! They have clear observational skills.

So I think it is obvious that there is so much talent in this county! And hopefully, Czara and I will get to display more work of these budding artists!

Do you have any art work? We would be VERY happy to receive photos of your work to display on our website and to display your actual work in our exhibition! More details on our first exhibition to come! to contact us.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Finger Painting

Finger painting is now considered to be fine art, and not just something for children to occupy themselves with! Iris Scott is a 28 year old artist who has numerous collections of finger paintings. Her latest collection is "The Thailand Collection", and they are absolutely beautiful!

Picture Iris Scott, the artist.

"The Thailand Collection"

" The Single Lady Collection"

I think it is beautiful form of art. The whole effect of the paintings is probably something that cannot be achieved with a paintbrush! for more of these brilliant paintings!


Tralee IT Exhibition

In the IT tomorrow there is a visual arts exposition launched by Jimmy Deenihan. There will be many works of art entered and our school, Pres Tralee, is being represented by quite a few entrants, including Czara and I, some of our friends, Helen, Rachel and Debbie! We entered our masks that we made in school, and the fifth year art students entered their stop motion animation! It will be a great event and it would be well worth your while to go there! It starts at 2.00 pm!


 This is not an actual photo of the exhibition but I thought this exhibition looks amazing! It was held in MIT!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pavement Art

I love pavement art. It is so hard not to love. I can’t help but feel jealous of the artists who make these! The skill required to make these is amazing. They’re so 3D that you can’t even begin to contemplate the fact that they’re 2D!

This one is so cool.

Ok this is too good to be true.

While I consider myself to be good at art, I would never be able to do this! But I would love to learn how to do it! Wouldn't you?
So what is your opinion on this magnificent art? Would you like to learn how to be able to do it?

- Aneta!

Clever Art

It is a common misconception that art is always serious and all about painting on canvas. Art can be so much more than that - sometimes there's even a little bit of humour in art. Whilst I was reading the brilliant The Fault in Our Stars by John Green I came across a work of art created by René Magritte.

It translates from french as "This is not a pipe". Which, may seem like a contradiction at first but in fact, it is not a pipe, but a painting of a pipe. The idea was to challenge our perception. When asked "What is this?" People would say,"A pipe." Magritte would answer, "No, it's not. Just try to put tobacco in it."

Inspired by Magritte, I decided to go in search of some clever works of art and my findings were just brilliant.

A lot of today's most popular art is clever or ironic. So, if you don't enjoy painting or drawing, don't let that stop you!  

Best wishes,

Monday, 18 March 2013

National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania

The Mosaic

This mosaic, titled 'The Albanians' is on the front of the National Museum. From far away it doesn't look like a mosaic. When I saw it, I thought it was a painting but as I came closer I saw the tiny mosaic pieces and I just stared at it. Could you imagine the amount of work that went into that whole piece? It represents all of Albania's history , different era's in it's history.

I just found it interesting because when I saw it, I realised that the art of mosaic is kind of dying. You don't really see it anymore! What do you think? Do you know any current Mosaic artists? Or are you a mosaic artist?