Friday, 22 March 2013

The IT Expo!

Well today some of the fourth years went to an exhibition at the IT and it was amazing! The work was brilliant! I took some photos and I saw something that I wrote about in an earlier post!!

Remember my post about the mosaic in the museum? I didn't think that people did mosaics anymore but I was proved wrong!! One of the teachers in a school got an old school table and made this mosaic. I think it's beautiful.

Now this one struck me. You may not notice but it is actually made from cardboard!

Some of our masks!

This mask was made by Rachel O'Mahony, and guess who it is? Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games! I think it is unbelievably good, and can you believe that she never did art for the Junior Cert? 

The beautiful Debbie O'Sullivan made this mask of Snow White!! 
Now this mask I think is great as well! It was made by Sandra Lynch, another girl who recently took up art! Can you believe the talent? It is an interesting interpretation of the Cheshire Cat!

2nd Year work!

These were made by second years. They are amazing forms of abstract art- they are so eye catching! The colour used and the form of them are jaw dropping!

Some work from other schools!

Great tones in this one.

These ones were made by students from Dingle! I thought they were just perfect! One of the artists is 13! She did the one with the Key.  Some were made with paint and some with pastels. They show the brilliant ability by young artists to use colour, line and tones! They have clear observational skills.

So I think it is obvious that there is so much talent in this county! And hopefully, Czara and I will get to display more work of these budding artists!

Do you have any art work? We would be VERY happy to receive photos of your work to display on our website and to display your actual work in our exhibition! More details on our first exhibition to come! to contact us.


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