Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pablo Picasso, Child Prodigy.

Ever wondered how famous artists painted when they were younger?

Self-portrait by Pablo Picasso (aged 15)

Pablo Picasso was notably a child prodigy. From an early age he showed great artistic skills. Picasso wasn't too happy with the limitations he faced in these paintings. He was artistically trapped in the traditional representation of art.

 It's sort of strange how Picasso became known for his magical child-like masterpieces. When he was a child himself he painted as though he had decades of experience! But Picasso truly revolutionised the art world when he decided to paint in his own style.

There's something about the relaxed expression and surrealism of Picasso's later work that I just love.

Self-portrait by Pablo Picasso (aged 26)

Self-portrait by Pablo Picasso (aged 84)

So what do you think, do you prefer Picasso's earlier style?

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