Thursday, 11 April 2013

Unbelievable Face and Body art

I came across some amazing optical illusion face and body art. They are done so well that you think that the face and body is actually in the form as portrayed. I suppose these are the sort of artists that are used in sci-fi movies. Maybe later on I will do a post on art used in movies.

Cool, huh? These were all made by an artists named Hikaru Cho. They are so good, I don't even know how they had the heart to wash it off! Hikaru is so talented, a far cry from what I did one day in school for dress up day. Let's just say it didn't go great.....However some of you viewers, yes YOU, may be good at hand and body art, so send us some pics if you are!


Also check out environmental graffiti for more photos!

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