Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Maria Sibylla Merian- an artistic phenomenon.

Today is the birthday of artists and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian, as some of you may have on the Google homepage today. She was one of the worlds most famous scientific illustrators. The world was captured with her stunning paintings and scientifically correct pictures of flowers and insects. Bear in mind that this was before cameras were ever invented and little was known of the things she drew and painted, so her work was a great revelation in both the scientific and artistic world.How long ago? Well let's  just say that today is her 366th anniversary of her birth in Frankfurt! Now enough words, here is some of her work.

Now this women, I think is fast becoming one of my heroes! These illustrations are unbelievable. The precision and the perfection of them is just beyond anything I can ever do. And can you believe that she is hardly known amongst many people? I recently have started drawing some animals from a David Attenborough book and I absolutely love it! Drawing animals is so fulfilling and satisfying- it sort of defies description. 

What's your opinion on Maria, did you know her before this post? Because if you didn't, I doubt you'll forget her know!


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