Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Egyptian art

As you probably don't know, Czara is gone on holidays to Egypt! Lucky her! For those of us who cannot be there to enjoy Egypt I am going to give you a taste of the developing modern art in Egypt.

Hosny El Banany.

Hosny El Banany is an Egyptian artist. He did this painting called, 'Old Quarters'. If you look at this closely, you may notice that nothing is done very detailed. However, this really does not take away from the painting. All the colours are so soft and sublime. There is a certain calmness about this painting.

Mohamed Alhadidi.

Again, this painting is really soft. It is appropriately titled 'Culture'.  This scene is a typical market place in Egypt. You can see the beautiful carpets on sale. if you are ever in a Muslim country you will find that carpets and rugs that are sold in the markets are not what you would see in home store. They  are beautiful works of art, and extremely complex. Maybe I will do a post on those later. I just love this scene. The buildings are so pretty and rightly show some Egyptian Culture.

Again this painting shows more of Egypt. It is titled 'Pails.' You can see the various pots and pans- some bigger than you will ever see in Ireland. Again another thing you may find in Muslim countries- huge pans which are very fitting for many Egyptian dishes and big banquets which they may have. 

Sayed Abd El Rassoul.

This painting is called 'Egyptian Countryside.' You can get some idea of what the Egyptian countryside is from this painting- the houses there, the farmers, the animals and the way of life. The painting is simple- perhaps reflecting the simple life of these farmers.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post about Egyptian art. We can take a little glance at what Czara might be seeing on her holidays!

http://www.egy-art.net/ - for more Egyptian art.


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