Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Ok, it has to be admitted that one of the funniest forms of art are caricatures! Especially ones of famous people. Now, I personally would love to have a caricature of myself, I don't know why, but I think they are really cool. I would like to learn how to do them as well.

The basis of caricatures is easy. You take a person and you exaggerate their most prominent facial or body features- eyes, ears, nose, mouth, stomach etc... The hardest part I think is making sure that the person is still recognisable as a caricature, otherwise it doesn't work.

Ok so you see them but how to do them??

Well it's not that hard.

1. Choose the person you are going to draw.
2. Draw a small body- wearing what the person would normally wear.
3. Draw a huge head on the Body- about at big as the body. Make the head the shape of the persons head- except exaggerate it all- very high cheekbones, very prominent jaws etc
4.Do the hair next, again exaggerate. If the person has long hair make it really long- down to the floor even!
5.Next the eyes- if they have long eyelashes do really long ones, if they have large eyes do gigantic eyes.

and so on.............

Really it is just about noticing a persons features and exaggerating them, but not to the extent that they cannot be recognised! If you do make any caricatures send us some pictures and we'll post them on the blog!!

Making caricatures of people are actually good presents for people! Just frame it and it will look great as a present!


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