Sunday, 5 May 2013

Poster Making- easy to follow steps!

I find that I am always making posters, for various things- in and out of school. If you are making a lot of posters it is impossible to come up with different things all the time.Also I cannot afford photoshop programmes that Graphic designers use! So here are some tips to making posters- they will work for anything and are guaranteed to make them look good.

  1. What I always start with is a small draft- just a sketch of where everything will be put.Play around with a few ideas first.

          2. Lettering is very important for any poster, so start with that, and work around it.
                                   -The type of lettering chosen is essential to the poster. If you want to do some really fancy lettering, I suggest doing a the fancy work on just the first letter of each word and do the rest normally. Otherwise make all the letters medium fancy, so as the poster is not too much in your face.

                                   -Lettering also looks much nicer when it is incorporated into an image, like this here,
the image must be related to the message of the poster.


    3. When finished with lettering, it's important to add a few images into the poster. If the lettering is quite fancy, like in the one above, you do not need to add too much to it. Remember the poster has to convey a message so the message must be easy to see!

You can see here that I put in some water droplets, just to animate the poster. Little things like this can really add a little personality to posters.

   5. One thing that I have recently discovered that helps with posters is borders!!! Borders give lovely finishes to posters, and prevent the contents of the poster from looking all over the place!

you can make a simple border

Or add a little pizzazz to it!

 I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions or need help with a poster just ask us in the comments! We'd be happy to ask. Making posters can be fun if you know what you are doing!



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